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Our Mission. To Provide a unique ECM Platform

New Technologies & Capabilites

Delivering an approach focused on ease of use, organization, speed, and safety for all users.

User Friendly

Contrary to other platforms used, doka is intuitive and was built around the end user. Users can easily find their way to all of the features.


Even if you have millions of documents to store, the doka system was built to support each and every digital file.


Classification of your documents made easy. Tag your documents, and group them into categories. You can search and retrieve your documents.


In doka, all of your electronic content is encrypted. Our system was built utilizing strict security procedures to prevent vulnerabilities.

Document Management

Welcome to doka.live - Integrated Electronic Content Management

Limitless Document Management Approach

With doka, we are introducing a new, integrated approach to Electronic Content Management, by utilizing all of the internet's capabilities. With all of those phases now integrated, the user may navigate from one feature to another - without limits. With the doka solution, we have brought the best of the Cloud to the customer: nothing to install on your computer, electronic content accessibility from anywhere, easy collaboration with colleagues and partners.

Web Based Platform
24/7 Accessibility
Easy Collaboration

Old vs. New Approach

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The doka approach

The Old Approach

Old approach of ECM

Many ECM systems are still based on a strict separation of phrases such as:

Capture -> Indexing -> Storage -> Searching -> Archiving

These systems are often based on software specific Operating Systems, not fully utilizing modern web and technology capabilities.

Old Document Approach

The doka Approach

Our New & Integrated Approach

With doka, we introduce a new integrated approach. Now, all of the content phases are integrated, allowing users to navigate from one feature to another with limitations. Our solution brings the best of the Cloud to customers: ease of use, efficiency, control, compliance and continuity. There's nothing to install on your computer, access your electronic content from anywhere, and collaborate easily with colleagues and partners.

New Document Approach

The doka Process

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Integrated ECM Platform

Ease of Use

doka is intuitive, offering a flexible ECM system. Users can easily find their way to all of the features and enter the associated keywords for them. With our thorough indexing capabilities, locating your information is a snap. Easy access to content has never been so simple.

Ease Of Use


An essential part of doka's capabilities, full classification of your documents has never been so easy! With the filer and tag information you enter for your imported documents as you have specified. This allows authorized users to easily search, browse, retrieve and share important documents within seconds.



Even if you have millions of documents to store, the doka system was built to support even the heaviest document loads, while still providing an effective platform, responsive searching, and security. With the customizable tags, users can add various identifiers to documents. doka is a flexible management system that can handle all different types of content needed to drive business processes.



Making sure your documents and files are secure is imperative to any ECM system. In doka, all of your electronic content is encrypted in a simple, yet secure environment. Following a strict security procedure, doka offers a quick and easy way to securely share files and documents with anyone - even those outside of your intranet or firewall.


Cost Effective &
No Long-Term Commitments

doka has been designed to host several thousands of users, allowing us to offer very competitive prices to our customers. Now, even small companies will have a cost-effective option for doka, we think that a customer must be free. you can cancel your subscription at any time and you are able to download your documents and metadata in a clear format.

Cost Effective


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Doka Prototype

A video to show some features of the current prototype.

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